We’re Building a new way to be around the people you care about most,
and we’re halfway there.


fair roads

glance in time

sit in the middle

middle deals

faces in minutes

plan together

walk, drive, or uber


Don't go all in, meet halfway

Meet friends faster and easier. Middle calculates travel time between 2 or more locations and finds a place or event you’d like near it.


Uber & OpenTable Partners

Book reservations and see availability on OpenTable and Uber. Our app works with both to provide a seamless experience.


The Power of Two

Middle Deals are offers tailored for you and the family and friends you enjoy spending time with


Get the Invite

We’re hard at work building middle and finding eager middlers
like you to meet with. We’ll send over an invite when middle is ready in your city.


The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.
-Henry Boye